By using time tested woodworking materials and methods of construction (which are no longer used by large manufacturers) we are able to provide virtually any style and size of window. Your needs can be accommodated on projects that range from providing additional millwork that matches existing, to larger projects in historic commercial buildings.

Unusual window designs such as very large double hung, inswinging casement, hopper style, large awning style, central pivot, various shapes and muntin patterns, historic storm sash, and bent glass are all within our capabilities.

Either complete units or individual sashes can be provided. These can all be produced in any size or shape – with any traditional glazing or modern glass – in true divided lites or simulated divided – in any thickness beginning at 1 1/8” inches. Again, your choices in unit design are unlimited – any jamb depth, sill profiles, and exterior trim requirements can be met.

Please click on the link below to view galleries of examples of some of the work we have produced. We are by no means limited to what you see in these galleries – creative designs that will afford us the opportunity to craft a unique product for the inventive mind are welcomed!

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Bowed Windows
Historic Balances
Curved Top Windows
Rectangular Windows
  • Butler St. Arches and Circles
  • arched top retrofits
  • 154 inches tall Quattrofoil