There is a vast array of door hardware available on the market. We will install whatever you choose, if we are building a new pre-hung door unit. If we are supplying door slabs only, your carpenter must first fit the door into the existing opening. Then the hinges are located from the jamb and installed. Finally, when the door is properly fit and swinging, at that point, the lock set is installed.

We have a few definite thoughts concerning lock set types: Cylindrical (also referred to as tubular) mechanisms are preferable to mortise type sets. There are several reasons we feel this way:  Mortise sets are generally more expensive. They are more finicky mechanisms in our experience. Mortise box sizes have no standards, so in the event a problem arises a replacement can be very difficult to obtain. The large cut for a mortise set will weaken the door at that location, and can remove most of a tenon if the location falls at a cross rail.

Cylindrical sets by contrast frequently have consistent internal dimensions. So a working replacement to a broken mechanism is usually easily obtained locally. We have also found them to be largely problem free.

Three point locksets have been very delicate mechanisms in our experience. They are built into the door, and are proprietary – so replacement can be quite difficult. Adjustment of a door or jamb from movement of the structure is limited, if possible at all. If you are drawn to the perceived security of this design, you should look at “Cremone bolts” as an alternative.

Mail slots, peep holes, pet doors, knockers, bells – whatever you desire can also be accommodated. We strongly urge you to make your hardware selections as soon as you order a door, if not before! The size and design of the hardware usually must be accounted for in the door’s internal dimensions. Additionally, there is frequently an extended lead time for many hardware choices.


Our shop has provided goods destined for historic projects in Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Maryland, New York and throughout Pennsylvania. We have been involved in new structures as far away as Westport, Connecticut and Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.


We have the ability to produce a variety of door designs: Single doors, French style doors, Dutch doors, textfolding doors, storm doors, screen doors, combination storm/screen doors, and even garage doors – all with various shapes and muntin patterns are all within our capabilities.




Unusual window designs such as very large double hung, inswinging casement, hopper style, large awning style, central pivot, various shapes and muntin patterns, historic storm sash, and bent glass are all within our capabilities.