Finishing paints

Painting or varnishing your doors and windows will do much more than make them look more attractive. The wood we use has been kiln dried to a very specific moisture content that has been researched to be the optimum level for stability and strength.

Finishing when properly performed, keeps the wood at that moisture level. Warping, swelling, twisting and other movement of a finished wood product indicates that the wood has increased in moisture. Similarly, wood decay is a series of fungi that requires the wood to nearly triple in moisture from its kiln dried state, to begin growing. ”Dry rot” of wood is a misnomer – wood decay fungi cannot grow if the wood is dry.

Proper finishing is defined as 3 coats minimum on all faces and edges, before exposure to the elements. This will preserve the state in which your new windows and doors are delivered, and will protect your investment for generations!


Our shop has provided goods destined for historic projects in Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Maryland, New York and throughout Pennsylvania. We have been involved in new structures as far away as Westport, Connecticut and Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.


We have the ability to produce a variety of door designs: Single doors, French style doors, Dutch doors, textfolding doors, storm doors, screen doors, combination storm/screen doors, and even garage doors – all with various shapes and muntin patterns are all within our capabilities.




Unusual window designs such as very large double hung, inswinging casement, hopper style, large awning style, central pivot, various shapes and muntin patterns, historic storm sash, and bent glass are all within our capabilities.