By using time tested woodworking materials and methods of construction (which are no longer used by large manufacturers) we are able to provide virtually any style and size of door. Your needs can be accommodated on projects that range from providing additional millwork that matches existing, to larger projects in historic commercial buildings.

We have the ability to produce a variety of door designs: Single doors, French style doors, Dutch doors, textfolding doors, storm doors, screen doors, combination storm/screen doors, and even garage doors – all with various shapes and muntin patterns are all within our capabilities.

Either complete units or individual door slabs can be provided. These can all be produced in any size or shape – with any traditional glazing or modern glass – in true divided lites or simulated divided – in any thickness beginning at 1 1/8” inches. Again, your choices in unit design are unlimited – any jamb depth, threshold profiles, and exterior trim requirements can be met.

Please click on the link below to view galleries of examples of some of the work we have produced. We are by no means limited to what you see in these galleries – creative designs that will afford us the opportunity to craft a unique product for the inventive mind are welcomed!

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Doors With Transoms
Doors with Sidelites
Curved Top Doors
Assorted Things
Folding Doors
French Style Doors
Rectangular Doors
Storm Doors
  • The Stables
  • H Guest House
  • History Center
  • Peacock Transoms
  • Peaceful 3 Panel 1 Lite
  • 20th Street
  • 5 Panel, Raised with Panel Moulding and Transom
  • 8×8′ French Doors
  • Art and Insulated Glass, Carved Mouldings
  • Beveled Panel with Panel Moulding, North Ave
  • bird Ledges, Raised Panels, Custom Art Glass
  • divided lite elliptical transom french doors
  • e club, unique transom
  • elliptical top, art glass, raised panels with panel moulding
  • elliptical top, custom glass, flat panels with panel moulding
  • french style unit with storms
  • friend’s meeting asymmetrical
  • gothic peak, leaded insulated, with screen doors
  • kentucky doors with dentil mullion and transom
  • lvgc front door and shutters
  • lvgc panel transom and doors
  • new door with raised panels and panel moulding
  • octagonal panels
  • old and new art glass
  • panels with panel moulding, beveled glass
  • quarter sawn white oak door and transom
  • s lang doors
  • st. nicholas
  • st. nicks facade
  • tony’s entry
  • 1 traditional 4 folding
  • 2r, 2l folding open
  • 15 x 8 feet five panel folding door
  • full front open, 17 feet wide door unit
  • Kitchen folding door
  • Open kitchen
  • 3 panels 3 beveled lites storm door
  • 4 panel circle top and storm
  • bayard 3 raised panels, 3 lites, screen door
  • circle top door and fixed storm
  • combo storm and screen doors
  • 9 flat panels glue chip circle top
  • arched top french style doors sgtdl
  • arched top, unique panels
  • circle top door with beveled board panel interior
  • circle top door,raised panels, beveled lites
  • circle top mud room enclosure
  • circle top with 1 sidelite
  • circle top, french style, sdl, outswing
  • divided lite circle top unit with surround
  • elliptical top, french style, one flat panel, sdl
  • flat panels with panel moulding, 2 art glass lites
  • inventive circle doors
  • Poppy door
  • poppy interior
  • Before and after
  • 3 narrow single glazed, true divided lites
  • arched and custom stained glass
  • art glass and raised panels
  • beveled board panel
  • Bevels!
  • Circle panel
  • door with flat panels, sidelites, and transom
  • Forbes condo entrance
  • Ken's Ducks
  • Ken's Shelves
  • lots of lites
  • New into old
  • Out of square to match opening
  • Shadyside church
  • tdl door and sidelites with custom art glass
  • unique shape
  • #16
  • 3 gothic peaks, flat panels
  • 3 panel, glue chip glass
  • 3 raised panels, ledge, art glass
  • 4 beveled lites, 2 raised panels, wild wood
  • 4 x 8 feet, v grooved boards panel
  • 6 panel, rasied with panel moulding
  • 48 x 96 contemporary door
  • 100 inch full view, and 4 panel
  • 100 inches tall, 2 rasied panels
  • arched beveled insulating glass, bird ledge
  • Arched raised panels
  • Beveled glass with v grooved panel
  • Brady's Run Barn Doors
  • flat sawn oak with original art glass
  • fruitwood stain, 15 flat panels
  • Lawrenceville flat panels with panel moulding
  • Murawski door
  • new door to match existing opening
  • new door with raised panels and panel moulding, and transom, in old jamb
  • option for veneered beveled
  • Penn Ave paneled French
  • Prairie style, beveled glass
  • Prairie style door and casement windows
  • raised panel doors to match original existing
  • Raised panels and one beveled lite, James St.
  • SDL insulated, raised panels
  • 8x8 french doors
  • 9 foot tall, beveled panels, bird ledge
  • circle top glass entry doors
  • Epiphany church
  • LVGC double French style doors
  • Matching into existing
  • modern French style, wide muntins
  • oval glass inserts
  • Roslyn 3 panel French style
  • satin etched and arches
  • triple french style
  • 40 x 40 white oak brackets no finials
  • Bifold - figured wood
  • BIG thick gates
  • oval lite cabinet door with beveled glass
  • 3 shelves
  • Brodland door
  • Jane Street
  • satin etched and arches